• 585 Grove Street, Suite G20, Herndon, VA 20170
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Course description

  • Highly qualified and experienced teachers
  • Strengthens core reading, writing, math & science skills
  • Extremely small class Size – only up to 8 students in a class
  • Great materials as classwork and homework
  • Small class ensures students to get more individualized attention from teachers and homework are properly and fully checked by teachers
  • Regular “connect with teacher” session for parents to collect feedback
  • Completely aligned with new TJ test
  • Periodic class tests
  • Numerous simulated mock tests followed by review, analysis and feedback
  • Special help provided on Essay writing and SIS writing
  • One-on-one session available for students who need more help
  • Proven Track Record – Very impressive success in prior years

BrightNup Academy`s results in TJ/AOS/AET for 2018: 85% students were semi-finalist. Over 50% students got the admission. Such an impressive success!!

Many academies tend have more than 30/40 students in a class. However, BrightNup academy is dedicated to promote an effective learning environment for its students and that is why every TJ/AOS class at BrightNup is limited to only 8 students. We open many classes with just 8 sudents in each class. This is an extremely advantage for students to get more from teachers than students in a very large sized class where students are completely lost and thus they end up not learning at all. BrightNup`s small class size [only 8 students in a class], extremely dedicated and experienced High School teachers, and thought provoking course materials are the keys to such an impressive result in 2017.

Since we have small sized class, TJ/AOS classes tend to fill quickly. Interested parents are requested to enroll their student early.





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