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SAT/ACT/AP Classes

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  • Our experts know the SAT/ACT inside and out and help students get the score through effective strategy and practice.
  • Our students were tremendously successful – many students got over 1550 in the new SAT
  • The course teaches skills needed to master individual subjects and tests
  • Offers foundational, lifelong learning strategies
  • Small group classes – 4:1 tutoring
  • Numerous practice tests
  • Offers time defined workshops – 11 weeks (every week 2.5 hours)
  • The course fee – $750 for the entire 11 weeks.
  • Impressive success – many students got above 1550 in the new SAT tests

If you would like to know more about SAT/ACT prep classes at BrightNup, please call (703)-5073074 or email – [email protected]


BrightNup is proud to help students on High School honors or AP subjects.

  • All teachers are highly experienced, knowledgeable and extremely confident on the subjects that they teach.
  • The class size is very small – only 4 students in a class. This helps students be more interactive with the teacher.
  • Weekly one on two classes based on students need
  • Mock College Board AP testing is also provided
  • BrightNup currently offers High School tutoring on the following subjects
    • Algebra 2
    • Pre-calculus
    • Calculus AB/BC
    • Chemistry
    • Physics
    • Biology

Fee – $30 per class. The fee must be paid in advance for at least eight classes.