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Our Method

Your child gives a pre-assessment test with a teacher. The teacher also asks several questions. Based on the assessment test and teacher’s observation, the child is assigned his/her start level. Parents’ feedback is also considered in determining the level at which a child would start.

Your child is then enrolled into a class. The child is expected to attend at least one class (1 hour long per subject) per week where an experienced county school teacher gives lesson on a concept/skill. In addition to weekly instruction, your child is recommended to come to the study center at least once in a week to work on their worksheets and take quizzes.

Child gets weekly worksheets (For English – 3 reading comprehensions, 1 grammar, 1 vocabulary and 2 combined grammar/vocabulary worksheets. For Math – Four math worksheets each worksheet has combination of math operation, math concept/skill review and problem solving/critical thinking). The child completes these worksheets at home or at the BrightNup center and submits them for grading. Teacher evaluates these worksheets and grades them. If there are any mistakes or if there are any difficulties in completing any worksheets, teacher discusses with the child.

In addition to weekly lesson, there is also quiz time where teachers ask students questions based on the worksheets given or concepts/skills taught.

Your child also appears for a monthly test.

Parents get report on their child’s progress on a monthly basis. Parents get feedback on their child constantly from the teachers.

Motivating young children and celebrating their hard-work and success are the very important aspects for their success. Keeping that in mind, BrightNup has designed a reward program for Children.

Children earn reward points every week based on their work habit and accomplishment. Once they accumulate a certain number of reward points, they are eligible for an exciting reward. Reward could be a toy or movie ticket or gift cards.