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Math - Problem Solving

Course description

  • The instructions and worksheets at BrightNup are at higher level than the school grade level class.
  • The program instills into a student’s mind a habit of daily study and responsibility.
  • The program prepares a student for real world application and standardized tests.
  • The curriculum and materials are very carefully designed to be challenging yet interesting ensuring that a student gets interested on her/her own to take the challenge that he or she needs to gain academic excellence.
  • The program has a strong focus on problem solving, analytical and critical thinking
  • Math curriculum is divided into three major sections
    • Repetitive math basic operations 
    • Review of math concepts/skills 
    •  Problem solving, analysis and critical thinking
  • Year-round program and a student can join anytime during a year
  • Very structured curriculum. Parents get to know what their student would be leaning in an entire year
  • Not grade based, but fully level based materials. A student is not confined with his or her grade level in the school and is allowed to advance to his or her level based on his or her abilities
  • Homework worksheets every week that students are expected to complete before the next class
  • Teacher teaches and grades/evaluates student’s work. Teacher discusses with the student the areas that can be improved.
  • Periodic quizzes and tests
  • Constant feedback and guidance to parents
  • Rewards for students for their good work and consistent working habit.

Your student is expected to come at least once for 1 hour long (2 hour long if he or she is enrolled in both Math and English programs) in a week for lectures from teachers

In addition to the weekly lectures from teachers, it is recommended that your child comes to the academy once or twice a week for worksheet completion and quizzes. Homework help is also provided during these extra sessions

Math Problem Solving Teacher

Math Problem Solving Teacher

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